Spray Deaerators for Boiler Systems

Why Use a Spray Deaerator?

Vapor Power’s pressurized spray deaerators will reduce the oxygen level to the .005 cc/liter or less and carbon dioxide to zero. A deaerator consists of a pressure vessel in which water and steam are mixed with controlled velocities and the rapid removal of gases results when the liquid is sprayed in thin films and intensely scrubbed by the incoming steam. This raises the water temperature, thereby liberating the dissolved, non-condensable gases; and the water is then considered free from corrosive gases.

Their removal by the deaerator protects the boiler, feed pumps, and the entire feedwater system from the damaging effects of corrosion. A further benefit is simultaneous preheating of the boiler feedwater which reduces the thermal shock on downstream piping and the boiler. Spray deaerators can provide an added performance as well as help maximize the capital investment of the boiler system resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) for the owner.

Application and Capabilities

With over 100 years of experience in the industry and thousands of operating units, Vapor Power stands ready to assist with any specific application. Please consult with your Vapor Power Engineer for your project.


  • Capacities from 5,000 PPH to 300,000 PPH.
  • 10 minutes of storage capacity minimum
  • Turndown 33-1
  • 100%/0% & 30% Makeup 70% condensate
  • Usually less height required for installation
  • Broader Range of pricing/options

Review Design Criteria and other site considerations with a Vapor Power Sales Engineer. Safety, Accessibility, Space and Energy requirements all factor into the proper selection of a Vapor Power Spray Deaerators. Also make sure to ask about the high grade steel we use for our platforms. This ensures long term durability, and ease of relocation if required.

Additional Options Available

Optional trim, controls, skid packaging available include:

  • Chemical Feed Pumps
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Water Softener
  • Blow Down Tanks
  • Blow Down Separators
  • Modulating make up control valve with Differential Pressure transmitter