As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of boilers, packaged steam generators and thermal fluid heaters, Vapor Power International has everything you need to keep your steam boilers operating in top condition. That includes complete retrofit upgrade kits to outfit your Circulatic® Watertube Steam Boiler with the latest in controls and components. All built to the highest quality standards and codes, including ASME, FM the U.S. Coast Guard, ABS, CGA and Lloyd’s Registry. Like our boilers, our retrofit upgrade kits are developed using the most advanced production and technology to ensure the superior quality of our products.

Air-Cooled Pump

The combination of the air-cooled design with other design improvements makes this pump superior to water-cooled and oil-lubricated models.


  • The pump is virtually maintenance-free
  • The air-cooled power end requires no lubricating oil for the shaft and bearings
  • No oil quality or level maintenance issues
  • Eliminates expensive cooling water
  • No packing, thus eliminating leakage, daily maintenance and periodic replacement issues
  • Direct drive eliminates pulleys and belts and the related maintenance issues

Combustion Coil Upgrade Kit

After many years of research and development, we now offer a Combustor Coil Upgrade Kit to be applied to any Circulatic® Watertube Steam Boiler. The coil is installed as a replacement for bricked or poured refractory combustion chambers. All of the recirculated water, drawn from the drum through the circulation pump, is fed through the combustor coil. It is then fed through the manifold and is divided evenly through the original existing parallel flow coils.

Beside the fuel costs savings from the improved efficiency and the reduced emissions, there are several other advantages and reasons to upgrade your unit.


  • The front section of the boiler is converted to useful heat transfer area
  • Exhaust gas temperatures are reduced
  • Cooler flame temperature lowers Nox emissions
  • Overall refractory content in the unit is substantially reduced
  • You will never need re-bricking or refractory chamber replacement again
  • It is less costly than a replacement refractory chamber

Control Panels

Retrofit for increased efficiency
New, microprocessor-based control panels are available to retrofit obsolete control systems on our steam generators and thermal fluid heaters. These panels are equipped with modern digital coil and stack temperature controls for comprehensive monitoring.

The new panels provide a higher level of safety and state-of-the-art controls, with features beyond the capacity of conventional controls. These features significantly reduce service cost and downtime. The flame safeguard control provides diagnostic information to aid the operator if troubleshooting becomes necessary.

Vapor Power steam generators and heaters require fewer and more reliable components than what is in your existing control panel. As a result, wiring diagrams are simpler and service parts requirements are reduced.

Return on Investment
The new Vapor Power control panel will pay for itself within a short period of time. The reason is the panel’s ability to help minimize downtime by assisting with troubleshooting and eliminating the need for outside service if control problems occur.

Your control panel can be replaced with the Flame Safeguard of your choice (Honeywell or Siemens), or upgraded to include linkageless technology.

Feedwater and Drum Level Controls

Drum Level Controls
Our new drum level sensor and controller provide dependable, low-maintenance control of the water level in a circulatic drum. Our combination of a differential level sensor, a digital level controller and an electrical actuated ball valve or pneumatic feedwater valve (shown here) increases dependability and performance.

No Moving Parts
Unlike the pneumatic and 135-Ohm “slidewire” float controls, the differential pressure level sensors and 4-20mA controllers have no mechanical moving parts to wear out or get stuck in one position. 135-Ohm slidewire devices have always suffered from wear and breakage of the wire wound resistor, causing a loss of signal. Wipers can travel too far off the end of the slidewire, which also causes a loss of signal. Pneumatic controls rely on sliding plungers that often get stuck in one position. They also typically have fragile magnetic head mechanisms that sometimes lose the float plunger and stop controlling.

Dependable Signal Technology
Our combination of the differential pressure level sensor and digital controller rely on 4-20mA- signal technology. This signal technology is considered “tried and true.” Engineers from a wide range of industries accept this as a stable, repeatable and dependable signal technology.

Control Valves – Tight Shutoff and Long Service Life
Our electric-actuated valves for feedwater control offer tight shutoff. The high torque actuators assure reliable positioning over a long service life. The proven 4-20mA-signal technology is used from the controller to the valve.

Flame Safeguard Controls

Upgrade your existing panel and eliminate difficult troubleshooting, obsolete components and the risk of going down with no readily available replacements.

Options include:

  • Keyboard display module
  • Communications interface that links the burner control to PC’s in local or remote locations
  • First-Out Expanded Enunciator that provides specific hold and lockout information at a glance

The RM 7800 flame safeguard control provides critical information at your fingertips. The English text readout includes information on:

  • Sequence status
  • Hold status
  • Lockout alarm status
  • Flame signal strength
  • Total hours and cycles of operation
  • Fault history

Upgrade kits come complete with all component materials and revised electrical drawings from the factory

Temperature Controls

The digital temperature controls used in the upgrade kits have several advantages over existing controls in units manufactured prior to 1993.


  • Microprocessor-based technology offers dependable temperature monitoring and improved protection of your boiler or heater.
  • Precise readout of the actual process temperature, as well as the alarm set point
  • Easy testing of the alarm circuit
  • Kits are pre-wired and pre-programmed for simple and quick installation
  • New, thermocouple wires are included for connection to your existing thermocouples. New thermocouples can also be included if desired.
  • Connection sketch and instructions are included
  • Factory assistance and technical support during and after installation are available

Keep in mind that if your existing controls are not tested and verified regularly, they might not be providing protection for your unit. Ask your local service representative to perform a safety test on your existing temperature controls. Upgrade kits are comparably priced to most existing controls (if they are still available) and are a better investment.

Linkageless Controls

Fuel-Air Control lets you develop entirely independent combustion curves for each fuel. Microprocessor-based control allows for more accurate control. This accuracy increases fuel efficiency and offers system payback in a short period of time.

Reduced setup time
Complete setup for a two-fuel system is just 4 to 6 hours.

Easier and Faster
Easier to service than mechanical cam and linkage assemblies

Safety features
Include actuator feedback, component anti-swap protection and curve verification algorithms

Speed up troubleshooting and reduce downtime

Fuel-Air Ratio Control

  • Monitors and controls the burner fuel and air flows to maintain proper combustion
  • Provides LED status for power, alarm and motor drives
  • Includes fault-annunciating LED’s

Wire Sub-Base

  • For ease of installation, all wiring goes to this panel-mounted sub-base

Universal Parallel-Position Actuator

  • Provides 100 lb.- in torque to control combustion air dampers, modulating fuel valves, oil modulation valves and flue gas recirculation (FRG) dampers
  • Optimizes burner performance by providing precision potentiometer feedback to control

Commissioning Software

  • Configures the control with online step-by-step instructions
  • Windows compatible
  • Can also be used as a service tool to access fault history information
  • Can be used to commission more than one system

Display Module

  • Display tool (optional) gives you diagnostic, configuration and fault information- instantly