HSI BBJ Electrode®HSI BBJ Bolier

  • Electrode Steam Boilers 3000-34,000KW/ 10,000-113,000PPH/ 100-500PSI
  • Electrode Hot Water Boilers 3000-34,000KW/ 10,000-113,000MBH

Water from the lower part of the boiler shell is pumped by the internal circulation pump (3) to the nozzle header (19) and flows by gravity through the jets to strike the electrode (18), thus creating a path for the electrical current. As the unevaporated portion of the water flows from electrode (18) to the counter electrode (20), a second path for current is created. Primary voltage connections are made directly to the electrode terminals (12), often eliminating the need for a step-down transformer. At max rated conductivity, approximately 3% of the flowing water is evaporated.

Regulation of the boiler output is accomplished by varying the circulating pump (3) speed, which regulates the amount of water reaching the nozzle header. The pump speed is controlled by the boiler pressure and load control system via a VFD, either to hold the steam pressure constant or to stay within an adjustable KW limit.

Regulation is stepless between no-load and full-load, so that the boiler output is finitely responsive to demand variation. No load to full load regulation can be accomplished in as little as 5 seconds, although normally this is stretched out to 20-30 seconds.